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The most beloved Christmas nativity sets

In many families the setting up of the crib has a long tradition. Not only children are fascinated by the figurines depicting the biblical story of the birth of Jesus. Even adults can't get enough of the detailed statues of the nativity scene.


Those who want to buy a Christmas crib will find a wide range of different cribs available. Since the purchase of a hut is an investment that should bring joy, it is important to know the particularities of the different types before proceeding with the purchase. We have looked more closely at the very popular Christmas cribs and have summarized the most important details.

Ulrich Crib

Ulrich-KrippeUlrich Crib

The Ulrich crib, carved in maple wood, is a timeless classic with fascinating details. It consists of over 100 characters of the crib and inspires a classic style that never goes out of fashion. The scenes "Old Shepherd Telling" and "Boy Listening" are particularly fascinating. The scenes "Escape to Egypt" and "Looking for a hostel" are very well elaborated in the Ulrich Nativity scene. With a wide selection of crib huts in Middle Eastern, Bavarian and South Tyrolean style, those interested can design the crib according to their taste.

Insam Crib

South Tyrol Crib

The South Tyrol nativity scene is composed of over 35 nativity scenes available in different sizes and designs. The South Tyrolean manger, in addition to the Holy Family with Mary, Joseph and the baby in the manger, consists of the ox and donkey, the angel Gloria, the shepherds and the three wise men. In addition to the shepherds' sheep, numerous other animals play a role here. Chicks, chickens, camels and geese lovingly depicted delight the hearts of lovers of detailed cribs.

Alpine nativity

The Alpine Nativity scene was designed by the carver Rino Insam from Val Gardena, which does not represent the scenery of the biblical Christmas story in the classical way in Bethlehem, but on a mountain pasture. The alpine motifs create enthusiasm, while sacred kings, camel drivers and exotic animals such as elephants appear in this extraordinary scenery. The alpine nativity scene is made up of 33 lovingly sculpted characters that lovers of original nativity scenes can place in a nativity stable.

Insam-Ewald Crib

The Insam-Ewald crib is a classic Christmas crib made of maple wood, which is produced in the wood carving workshop of Ewald Insam in Ortisei. The crib set is available in different versions. Interested parties can choose between a mobile baby and a baby fixed in the crib. The three wise men can be ordered individually or as a set. The statuettes of the soldier and shepherd crib with lantern make this crib unique. Animals are as fascinating as human figures.

The original Insam-Simon crib

The original Insam-Simon crib scene also comes from the wood carving workshop of Mr. Ewald Insam. It consists of 8 or 15 figures with a stable. With both variants, interested parties can choose whether the statue of Joseph should carry a real lantern or not. Also available is a variant in which Mary, baby Jesus and cradle are made of a single block of wood (so-called "holy family statues"). The Gloria Angel can be ordered in three colors, the Three Kings individually or as a set.

Artis Nativity

The Artis Nativity scene is characterized by its modern and rather linear appearance. Characteristic are the middle-eastern details, which can be found in various places on the statuettes of the nativity scene. To the Nativity scene Artis belong 33 figurines made of maple wood (5-40 cm) and linden (60 cm), arranged around the three main characters Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. The baby Jesus can be placed both on his mother's lap and in the manger. The stable of the crib is composed of a family stable and an extension stable is available in combination with the crib.

Anri Crib

The woodcarving company ANRI has existed since 1937, founded by Oswald Moroder and is still firmly in the family's hands. The carving in Ortisei offers a wonderful selection of different characters from the nativity scene that have fascinated not only collectors but also the hearts of everyone for decades.

Prof. Karl-Kuolt Crib

The Prof.Karl Kuolt crib is a high quality Christmas crib made of over one hundred maple wood characters, which was created by his namesake, born in 1879. With its wide selection of subjects, this ANRI crib is ideal for collectors who want to enrich their crib with new figurines year after year. Joseph in prayer, Mary sitting and the baby Jesus in the cradle form the heart of this crib, which can be completed by animals, angels, servants and shepherds.

Ulrich-Bernardi crib

The Ulrich-Bernardi crib is a large nativity scene made of maple wood, which has a special appearance due to its simplicity and the friendly facial expressions of the nativity scene figurines. Every year the crib is expanded to include a new character, in fact the crib is already composed of more than 100 figurines. The nativity scene of the artist from Ortisei is a masterpiece that moves lovers of the fine art of wood.

Bethlehem crib

The crib of Bethlehem is a must for collectors of classic cribs. The nativity scene figurines made of maple wood are carved in detail and available with or without real lighting. In addition to the Holy Family, consisting of Mary kneeling and St. Joseph with a lantern, the Bethlehem Nativity scene inspires a beautiful peasant couple, a woman at the well and the sheep manger. Numerous animals and people make the Bethlehem Nativity scene a wonderful classic.

Lepi crib

The company LEPI was founded in 1920 by Leo Prinoth Senior as a carving workshop and is known today for its great art of carving, which combines the tradition of their land with modern aesthetics. The range of the Val Gardena brand includes several nativity scenes and fascinating religious motifs.

Gloria crib

The LEPI Gloria crib is simple and modern. The crib, carved in maple wood, gives a unique atmosphere from the light that shines from the lantern of St. Joseph. The lighting of this crib puts the Holy Family at the center of attention. The delicate painting and simple design make LEPI's Gloria Nativity scene very modern. It is available as a 12-piece or 42-piece Hut with stable.

Kastlunger crib

LEPI's Kastlunger crib is visually very different from most cribs: the figures of the South Tyrolean artist Harald Kastlunger have extremely expressive faces and look very modern. The hands and the representation of movements are central to this crib. All figures are hand painted by artists from Val Gardena. Anyone who is looking for an extravagant nativity scene created on an extremely high artistic level will be delighted by the Kastlunger nativity scene.

Royal Nativity

The Royal Nativity is ideal for all collectors looking for a traditional crib that can be completed with many figurines. The focus is on the Holy Family, available as a set in four parts consisting of Joseph, Mary, Jesus and the cradle. A group of camels, an elephant driver with a colored parrot and a small angel in prayer make the royal crib a collector's item. Characteristic are also the Middle Eastern hints, which harmonize perfectly with the traditional design.

Comet star crib

The figurines of the crib Comet inspire with an elegant and simple design. The sacred family of the crib carved in wood is composed of St. Joseph, Mary, the baby Jesus and the cradle. Besides the group of shepherds in front of the fireplace, the group of elephants and the group of camels, many other figures and animal motifs create a wonderful atmosphere. The family stable not only offers space for the Holy Family, but also for oxen and donkeys. New figurines every year make the Comet crib a popular collector's item.

Rowi crib

The modern Rowi crib is characterized by a simple design. The faces of the figures are only hinted at and leave room for imagination. The Holy Family of four elements is also available with the stable and the comet star. The stable of the crib with the tower offers space for all the statues of the Rowi crib. The group of fountains with a woman and a bucket and the search for a place to stay stand out as particularly graceful scenes. Thanks to its simple design, the Rowi crib is also appreciated by young collectors.

Conclusion: which Christmas crib is the right one?

Before buying a crib, collectors should consider what style they prefer, how much the crib needs to be extended and whether it can be supplemented with new figurines over the years. All the nativity scenes mentioned here have in common the fact that they are high quality wooden art, appreciated by families and collectors for generations.

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