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Wooden nativity stables

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A wooden nativity stable (also called manger stable) gives every nativity scene the right setting and forms the perfect shelter for your nativity figures. Here you will find our entire range of indoor nativity stables without figures. You can choose between different styles, sizes and designs. We attach great importance to high quality: all our stables are handmade and made of real wood.

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Nativity Stable Puez
Nativity Stable Puez 374,00 €
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Nativity Stable Duleda
Nativity Stable Duleda from 222,20 €
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Nativity Stable Stevia
Nativity Stable Stevia from 255,20 €
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Nativity Stable Sasplat
Nativity Stable Sasplat from 233,20 €
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Nativity Stable Seceda
Nativity Stable Seceda from 215,60 €
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Nativity Stable Cir
Nativity Stable Cir from 233,20 €
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Nativity Stable Pana
Nativity Stable Pana from 246,40 €
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Nativity Stable Fermeda
Nativity Stable Fermeda 336,60 €
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Nativity Stable Saslong
Nativity Stable Saslong 475,20 €
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Nativity Stable Pic
Nativity Stable Pic from 134,20 €
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Nativity Stable Boè with Stairway
Nativity Stable Boè with Stairway 345,40 €
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Nativity Stable Boè
Nativity Stable Boè from 184,80 €
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Nativity Stable Rigais
Nativity Stable Rigais from 118,80 €
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Nativity Stable Odles
Nativity Stable Odles from 67,50 €
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Nativity Stable Sella
Nativity Stable Sella from 59,10 €
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Nativity Stable Curveies
Nativity Stable Curveies 741,40 €
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Nativity Stable Molignon
Nativity Stable Molignon 627,00 €
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Nativity Stable Ciaslat
Nativity Stable Ciaslat 118,80 €
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Nativity Stable simple
Nativity Stable simple from 96,80 €
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Nativity Stable simple with extension
Nativity Stable simple with extension from 134,20 €
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Nativity Stable "Alpina"
Nativity Stable "Alpina" from 140,80 €
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Nativity Stable "Alpina" with extension
Nativity Stable "Alpina" with extension from 178,20 €
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Fairy Tale Nativity Stable
Fairy Tale Nativity Stable from 184,80 €
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Fairy Tale Nativity Stable with extension
Fairy Tale Nativity Stable with extension from 204,60 €
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Fairy Tale arc with lighting, 1 piece
Fairy Tale arc with lighting, 1 piece 156,20 €
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Extensions for Fairy Tale arc, 2 parts
Extensions for Fairy Tale arc, 2 parts 83,20 €
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Fairy Tale arc with extensions and lighting, 3 parts
Fairy Tale arc with extensions and lighting, 3 parts 239,40 €
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Fairy Tale stars backdrop with lighting, 1 piece
Fairy Tale stars backdrop with lighting, 1 piece 501,60 €
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Fairy Tale stars backdrop with arc and lighting, 2 pieces
Fairy Tale stars backdrop with arc and lighting, 2 pieces 657,80 €
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Artis - stable traditional
Artis - stable traditional from 51,50 €
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Oriental Holy Family stable
Oriental Holy Family stable from 118,80 €
Show product
Holy Family stable
Holy Family stable from 73,90 €
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Stable "Artis" with enlargement
Stable "Artis" with enlargement from 95,00 €
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Holy family stable "Artis"
Holy family stable "Artis" from 50,20 €
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Enlargement "Artis" stable
Enlargement "Artis" stable from 44,90 €
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Enlargement stable campfire-group
Enlargement stable campfire-group from 40,90 €
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Walled Nativity Stable
Walled Nativity Stable 338,80 €
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Carved Nativity Stable
Carved Nativity Stable from 125,40 €
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Nativity Stable La Tambra
Nativity Stable La Tambra from 129,80 €
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Family Stable
Family Stable from 24,20 €
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Alpine Stable
Alpine Stable from 266,20 €
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Nativity Stable La Sia
Nativity Stable La Sia from 235,40 €
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Hut style stable
Hut style stable from 97,70 €
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Design nativity stable Aram
Design nativity stable Aram from 80,30 €
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Modern Oriental stable
Modern Oriental stable from 149,80 €
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Modern Oriental Family Stable
Modern Oriental Family Stable from 80,30 €
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Rustic stable
Rustic stable from 211,20 €
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Tyrolean shed
Tyrolean shed from 130,00 €
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Shed "Karl Demetz"
Shed "Karl Demetz" 710,40 €
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Oriental Shed
Oriental Shed from 543,40 €
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Shed with castles
Shed with castles from 821,70 €
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Shed for Karlcrib 2000
Shed for Karlcrib 2000 from 67,50 €
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Stable with Palm
Stable with Palm from 63,60 €
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Shed "Sassolungo"
Shed "Sassolungo" from 66,20 €
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Shed "Sella"
Shed "Sella" 196,00 €
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Oriental Stable
Oriental Stable from 723,80 €
Categories & filters

Nativity stables from Lignoma - Highest quality from Italy

As soon as Advent is approaching, the anticipation of Christmas and the setting up of the nativity scene increases. With a selected nativity scene from Lignoma, you can create the appropriate setting for your favorite nativity scene.

In order that you, and the generations after you, can enjoy your crib for a long time, we maintain the highest quality standards in the production of all products from our online store.

With a Lignoma nativity stable you decide for:

  • handcarved collectors items, all of which are unique
  • high quality wood from the Gardena Valley in Italy
  • a reliable and fast shipping, which guarantees the safety of your products.

How do I find the right nativity stable?

Decide for yourself how you want your stable to be designed. In our online store we offer you a large selection of stable types, styles, woods and colors.

Are you interested, for example, in a natural and detailed stable? Or are you rather a lover of the no-frills or oriental-style wooden nativity stables? To make the right choice for you, we recommend that you take your time to find out more about our range of nativity stables.

Styles of nativity stables: modern, classic or rustic?

Like nativity figures, nativity stables are available in a wide variety of shapes and styles. In our online store you can freely choose the style of your stable.

You decide how you want to design your nativity scene, for example:

  • modern,
  • classic,
  • rustic,
  • alpine,
  • plain or rather
  • oriental?

Examples: While the Aram stable is very simple and has a wooden look, the Artis stable, for example, has a much more oriental style. The shelters named after various mountains in Val Gardena, however, including the stables Saslong and Seceda, present themselves in an alpine rustic style and are decorated with many fine details.

How do I choose the right size of the nativity stable?

The handmade nativity stables are available in different sizes, from small to large. Our offer includes stables in sizes from 5 cm up to 40 cm. No matter if you are looking for a nativity stable for large or small figures, in our online store there is something for every nativity scene lover.

Tip: It is best to use the filter on the left to sort the nativity stables according to the sizes you are looking for. Or click on the corresponding stable to see the available sizes for the product. Not sure which size is right for your nativity stable? Or would you like to know if the chosen stable fits to your already existing nativity figures or to those favored by us in our store? Then our Nativity Guide will help you. There you will find information about our wood species and the right way to set up your nativity scene as well as many helpful tips about buying a stable!

Would you like to buy directly the right figures in the right size for your stable? Then browse through our selection of high-quality nativity sets.

Is every nativity stable carved from real wood?

Every one of our nativity stables is made of real wood and in the South Tyrolean region of Val Gardena in Italy. Only by using wood of the highest quality, we can guarantee that your nativity scene will be preserved for a long time.

For our nativity stables we only use the following types of wood:

You can also choose between different colored versions in our online store. Simply use the filter function and choose between these design types:

  • stained
  • multi-colored stained
  • nature
  • colored

How are the nativity stables manufactured at Lignoma?

Only selected wood carvers work for us according to the traditions handed down through the generations, and some of them use the carving tools that have been handed down for generations: our nativity stables are all handmade. Depending on the design, they are also lovingly decorated.

We use only natural materials for the decoration of the nativity stables. This includes for example

  • Moos,
  • small wooden-sticks,
  • Tree bark,
  • Twigs,
  • Branches,
  • Straw,
  • dried grasses and
  • tiny little stones.

Good to know: With one or the other stable an extension is also possible. Add new figures and animals and create your own personal crib compositions. You can also buy Nativity figures, wooden animals and various accessories here in the store online to individually expand your Nativity scenes.

Do you have any further questions?

We hope you have found the right nativity stable for you in our assortment and will soon be able to place your nativity figure correctly in it: Shining children's eyes and enthusiastic adults will enjoy the sight of your nativity scene.

But maybe a stable is not the only thing you would like to have and you would rather own a complete nativity set with stable and figures? Our customer service will be happy to help you if you are still unsure or have any open questions. Feel free to contact us info@lignoma.com.

We look forward to your inquiry!