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Jesus figures

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Many historians know him as a destitute preacher from Nazareth. For H.G. Wells, the British author, "Jesus Christ is probably the most dominant figure in history. He is the central figure of the Bible. Jesus figures have always played a major role in the religious world.

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Sacred Heart for Wall
Sacred Heart for Wall from 22,90 €
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Baby Jesus loose
Baby Jesus loose from 30,20 €
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Manger for Baby Jesus
Manger for Baby Jesus from 16,80 €
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Baby Jesus in Manger (stained)
Baby Jesus in Manger (stained) from 55,40 €
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Jesus Shepherd with sheeps
Jesus Shepherd with sheeps from 417,90 €
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Jesus Shepherd
Jesus Shepherd from 226,80 €
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God-father from 483,00 €
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Christ Resurrector
Christ Resurrector from 231,00 €
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Jesus with St. John
Jesus with St. John from 514,50 €
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Jesus Sacred Heart
Jesus Sacred Heart from 30,50 €
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Pietà from 508,20 €
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Sacred Heart of Jesus half-length portrait
Sacred Heart of Jesus half-length portrait from 22,10 €
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Sacred Heart of Jesus half-length with frame
Sacred Heart of Jesus half-length with frame from 71,40 €
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Last supper
Last supper from 121,80 €
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Cradle for Jesus child
Cradle for Jesus child from 20,00 €
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Jesus child without crome
Jesus child without crome from 10,50 €
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Jesus child with crome
Jesus child with crome from 52,50 €
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Heart with Jesus child
Heart with Jesus child from 20,00 €
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Pillow with Jesus child
Pillow with Jesus child from 23,10 €
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Entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem
Entrance of the Lord into Jerusalem from 98,70 €
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Jesus sitting with donkey
Jesus sitting with donkey from 65,10 €
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Jesus child
Jesus child from 105,00 €
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Sacred Heart of Jesus
Sacred Heart of Jesus from 105,00 €
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Divine mercy
Divine mercy from 105,00 €
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Resurrection from 105,00 €
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Christ resurrected
Christ resurrected from 48,30 €
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Christ resurrected for wall
Christ resurrected for wall from 48,30 €
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Contemplative Christ resurected
Contemplative Christ resurected from 90,30 €
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Salvator Mundi
Salvator Mundi from 105,00 €
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Passion of Jesus
Passion of Jesus from 109,20 €
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The Good Shepherd
The Good Shepherd from 105,00 €
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Flagelled Christ
Flagelled Christ from 42,00 €
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Corpse of Christ in the tomb
Corpse of Christ in the tomb from 42,00 €
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Baptism of Jesus
Baptism of Jesus from 231,00 €
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The central figure of human history

Maybe these are the reasons why Jesus figures are always so popular, even if they are made of wood. He sacrificed himself for the good of all people. Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Gandhi also called the sacrifice of Jesus Christ a perfect act.

We have Jesus figures from different ages

Here in our store you can get the Son of God as a wooden figure. The results of masterly carving represent Jesus from different milestones of his earthly life. The newborn child, whose birth we commemorate for Christmas, is available as a simple "Jesus child" or lying in the manger. Carved figures of Jesus such as "Jesus the Good Shepherd" or "Jesus the Christ King" or "The Resurrection Christ", on the other hand, show him at an adult age.

Romantically transfigured masterpieces of wood

Each of these romantically transfigured Jesus figures is handcrafted from wood down to the last detail. You don't have to belong to any particular religion - not even Christianity - to love these adorable and lifelike looking Christ figures. HE, who loved us throughout his life, looks at us from sensitively painted eyes full of benevolence and you think you hear him preach.

Christ as companion

These Jesus figures are still an ideal gift for communion, confirmation, marriage etc. Jesus figures are fantastic for festive decorations - even outside the typical festivities such as Christmas and Easter. Enjoy the illustrations of the Jesus figures and choose your personal favorites.