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Nativity figures

Wooden nativity figures

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Our wooden carved nativity figures look extremely lifelike and convince with an amazing love of detail. No matter if you are looking for a specific nativity figure only or if you are interested in a whole set - depending on the style of the nativity scene we offer you nativity figurines in many different sizes and colors, so you are guaranteed to find the right wooden nativity figures for your christmas nativity scene!

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South Tyrol nativity scene South Tyrol nativity scene
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Lignoma alpine nativity scene Lignoma alpine nativity scene
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Lignoma oriental nativity scene Lignoma oriental nativity scene
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Harmony nativity scene Harmony nativity scene
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Alpine nativity scene (with pedestal) Alpine nativity scene (with pedestal)
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Alpine nativity scene Alpine nativity scene
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Artis nativity scene Artis nativity scene
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Tirolese nativity scene Tirolese nativity scene
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South Tyrol pine nativity scene South Tyrol pine nativity scene
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Fir Tree pine nativity scene Fir Tree pine nativity scene
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South Tyrol lime wood nativity scene South Tyrol lime wood nativity scene
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Aram nativity scene Aram nativity scene
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Fides nativity scene
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Arino nativity scene
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Rives pine nativity scene
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Peace nativity scene
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Deur nativity scene
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Karl 2000 nativity scene
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Nativity figures from Lignoma - detailed handicraft

In our online store we offer you a large selection of different nativity figures made of selected wood and in different styles. During the production process, regionality, quality and attention to detail are extremely important to us. Our goal is to delight you and future generations with our high quality and lovingly carved nativity figures.

With nativity figurines from Lignoma you choose

  • highest quality from Italy,
  • handmade by experienced wood carvers and painters and
  • an easy, safe and fast order directly to your home.

Which material is used for the nativity figures?

We carve our nativity figures from real wood. We take care to use only wood of the highest quality. Our nativity figurines are therefore not only extremely high quality, but also durable and will give you pleasure for decades to come.

In our shop you will find nativity figures made of these woods:

In which sizes & colors are the nativity figures available?

We offer you a large selection of different sizes of nativity figures: They range from small nativity figurines with a size of 8 cm to large nativity figures up to 85 cm high. The nativity figures are available in different sizes and in different color variations depending on the nativity style.

Because you are also spoilt for choice when it comes to color and can choose between colored figures, nativity figures with watercolor painting or figures refined with gold. All our nativity figures are also available in natural or multi-coloured stained.

How are the wooden nativity figures made?

In Val Gardena in Italy nativity figures were already carved out of wood and sold in the 17th century. In our own workshop, about ten wood carvers and painters still produce our nativity figurines today. In addition, we work closely with external sculptors, carvers and painters - all of them resident in Val Gardena and specifically selected by Lignoma.

Our wood carving artists take care to capture the mood of the figures exactly and to make them as expressive as possible. The posture of the individual nativity scene figures is true to life and conveys an inquisitive devotion. Every garment, every drape, every smile, every look and every movement are the result of intensive observation and masterly craftsmanship. In addition to the very natural posture, our wood-carved nativity scene figures also have filigree elaborate clothing. With the fabrics, every fold is authentic and lifelike.

If you choose figures with color, our experts paint the nativity figures artfully and carefully by hand. This ultimately makes them not only unique, but also real pieces of jewelry.

What is the meaning of nativity figures?

In addition to many other rituals, nativity scenes are also set up at Christmas time. At the center of these are artistic nativity figures as figurative representations around the birth of Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem.

The Christmas story tells that Mary gave birth to her child in a stable and laid him in a manger with clean straw. Mary and Joseph look at the Child Jesus together with The Three Wise Kings, the shepherds and their animals. With our nativity figures and the matching nativity stable you can recreate the Christmas story in your own four walls and thus remind us of the significance of this important feast.

What kind of nativity figures should I choose?

No matter if you are looking for carved nativity figures for your nativity scene or if you want to give a loved one a treat: With us you will find the right nativity figurines carved out of wood for every Christmas crib. Let your personal taste guide you in your choice and take your time. What kind of wood fits to your home furniture? And which carving style do you like best?

We wish you a lot of fun while browsing!!

We are happy to advise you!

You are still unsure which wooden nativity figures are best suited for your nativity or would like to know more about our production? Our customer service will be happy to answer your questions and give you competent advice on the selection of the right nativity figures. You can reach us by phone at +39 335 1412548 or by e-mail at info@lignoma.com.