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Figures carved from wood are a collector's item of high value. Our wooden figurines appear extremely lifelike and inspire with their love of detail. No matter if you are interested in a beautiful religious or profane wooden figurine or if you are looking for a gift for a dear friend - we at Lignoma offer you a wide range of wooden figures in different sizes and colors. You are guaranteed to find the right wooden figures. More about the hand carved figures of Lignoma!

Devotional objects
Profane figures
Protective hands

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Clown bassist
Clown bassist from 27,70 €
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Saint Elizabeth Saint Elizabeth Saint Elizabeth
Saint Elizabeth 10 Figures
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Saint Vincent Saint Vincent Saint Vincent
Saint Vincent 3 Figures
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Saint Arnold Saint Arnold
Saint Arnold 2 Figures
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Passion of Jesus
Passion of Jesus from 137,70 €
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Saint John Baptist Saint John Baptist Saint John Baptist
Saint John Baptist 19 Figures
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Protecting Hand of Marriage
Protecting Hand of Marriage from 24,40 €
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Christ Gardena with Cross
Christ Gardena with Cross from 70,80 €
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Saint Eulogius of Cordoba
Saint Eulogius of Cordoba from 132,70 €
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Postman from 66,00 €
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Hunter from 34,30 €
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Christ for Crucifixion Group (without Cross)
Christ for Crucifixion Group (without Cross) from 36,10 €
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Back Basket Carrier with Watches
Back Basket Carrier with Watches from 106,30 €
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Saint Claire
Saint Claire from 53,00 €
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Female Piper
Female Piper from 57,00 €
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Saint Leopold Saint Leopold
Saint Leopold 2 Figures
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Saint Afra
Saint Afra from 132,70 €
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Saint Waltraud
Saint Waltraud from 53,00 €
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Dancer "The tailor"
Dancer "The tailor" from 68,60 €
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Christ of mountain
Christ of mountain from 443,50 €
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Corpus contemplative
Corpus contemplative from 72,80 €
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Madonna R.I.
Madonna R.I. from 49,70 €
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Saint Engelbert
Saint Engelbert from 62,30 €
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Saint Joseph Saint Joseph Saint Joseph
Saint Joseph 15 Figures
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Madonna Bavariae
Madonna Bavariae from 130,00 €
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Saint Raphael Saint Raphael
Saint Raphael 2 Figures
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Saint Theodor Saint Theodor
Saint Theodor 2 Figures
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Saint Sophia
Saint Sophia from 141,90 €
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Saint Alnoth of Stowe
Saint Alnoth of Stowe from 132,70 €
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Musician with tuba
Musician with tuba from 130,00 €
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Saint Michael Saint Michael
Saint Michael 2 Figures
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Trinity from 164,30 €
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Saint Siegfried of Sweden
Saint Siegfried of Sweden from 62,30 €
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Saint Benedictine abbot
Saint Benedictine abbot from 132,70 €
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Saint Peregrine Laziosi
Saint Peregrine Laziosi from 188,10 €
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Fisherman from 45,50 €
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Night Watchman with wooden Lantern
Night Watchman with wooden Lantern from 93,10 €
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Saint Philip the Apostle
Saint Philip the Apostle from 132,70 €
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Mother of goodness
Mother of goodness from 2.490,80 €
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Accordion player seated and chair
Accordion player seated and chair from 46,40 €
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Angel with flute
Angel with flute from 10,60 €
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Saint Florian Saint Florian Saint Florian
Saint Florian 11 Figures
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Bandmaster from 48,60 €
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Madonna of Salzburg
Madonna of Salzburg from 97,70 €
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Madonna with Child Sitting
Madonna with Child Sitting from 673,20 €
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Wizard from 43,30 €
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Saint Rose of Lima
Saint Rose of Lima from 60,90 €
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Perfume angel with car
Perfume angel with car from 16,10 €
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Saint Knight
Saint Knight from 132,70 €
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Lourdes Relief
Lourdes Relief from 39,60 €
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Merci angel with candle in tree trunk
Merci angel with candle in tree trunk from 7,90 €
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"Sissi" angel with tree
"Sissi" angel with tree from 10,10 €
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Saint Peter Saint Peter Saint Peter
Saint Peter 7 Figures
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Angels sitting
Angels sitting from 1.518,20 €
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Saint Hubert Saint Hubert Saint Hubert
Saint Hubert 4 Figures
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Dancer "The african"
Dancer "The african" from 68,60 €
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Padre Pio Padre Pio Padre Pio
Padre Pio 5 Figures
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Saint Fridolin
Saint Fridolin from 141,90 €
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Saint Oswald Saint Oswald
Saint Oswald 2 Figures
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Saint Apollonia Saint Apollonia Saint Apollonia
Saint Apollonia 4 Figures
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Saint Bishop Saint Bishop
Saint Bishop 2 Figures
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Cherub with mandolin
Cherub with mandolin from 35,60 €
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Madre Fortuna
Madre Fortuna from 46,40 €
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Zither player seated
Zither player seated from 38,50 €
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Heart with Jesus child
Heart with Jesus child from 25,10 €
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Baroque Putto with Mandolin
Baroque Putto with Mandolin from 30,80 €
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"Sissi" angel singing
"Sissi" angel singing from 10,10 €
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Madonna of protective cloak
Madonna of protective cloak from 48,80 €
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Saint Victor
Saint Victor from 132,70 €
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Witch from 43,30 €
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Saint Meinhard Saint Meinhard
Saint Meinhard 2 Figures
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Protecting hand
Protecting hand from 15,40 €
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Saint Dominican
Saint Dominican from 132,70 €
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Saint Beatus
Saint Beatus from 132,70 €
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Saint Giles
Saint Giles from 150,90 €
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Clown saxophonist
Clown saxophonist from 27,70 €
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Saint Gisela of Hungary
Saint Gisela of Hungary from 141,90 €
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Woman with fruit-basket
Woman with fruit-basket from 34,30 €
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Christ with Symbols
Christ with Symbols from 41,60 €
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Holy Nun
Holy Nun from 53,90 €
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Saint Joan Saint Joan Saint Joan
Saint Joan 3 Figures
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Saint Gilbert
Saint Gilbert from 132,70 €
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Saint Martha
Saint Martha from 132,70 €
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Saint Notburga Saint Notburga Saint Notburga
Saint Notburga 3 Figures
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Saint Odlie Saint Odlie
Saint Odlie 2 Figures
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Praying Madonna
Praying Madonna from 50,40 €
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Saint Mother Teresa
Saint Mother Teresa from 132,70 €
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Diana from 132,70 €
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Saint Margareth Saint Margareth
Saint Margareth 2 Figures
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Female Abseiler with Rope
Female Abseiler with Rope from 56,80 €
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Marian cherub with violin
Marian cherub with violin from 37,00 €
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Group of Angels
Group of Angels from 40,30 €
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Female Guitar Player
Female Guitar Player from 48,40 €
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Key-ring Madonna
Key-ring Madonna 13,00 €
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Protective mother
Protective mother from 90,00 €
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Christ "Sinai"
Christ "Sinai" from 18,50 €
Categories & filters

Carved wooden figures from Lignoma - filigree handicraft

At Lignoma we offer you a large selection of carved wooden figures made of high quality wood in different variations to place, hang or for the wall. Among them are devotional objects, profane wooden figures, angel figures, protecting hands or Madonnas. Quality, regionality and attention to detail are very important to us. We would like to make you and future generations happy with our lovingly carved wooden figures. Our carved wooden figures stand for

  • unique quality from the Val Gardena in South Tyrol;
  • real handicraft from experienced carvers and painters and
  • a fast and secure order directly to your home.

Which types of wood are used to make the wooden figures?

Our wooden figures are carved from real wood. Our attention during the production process is focused on wood of the highest quality so that the figures will give you pleasure for decades to come.

For the production of the wooden figures we use these types of wood, also depending on the size of the figure:

In which sizes & colors can you buy wooden figures?

We offer you a huge selection of different carved wooden figures in different sizes: no matter if you are looking for a small wooden figurine or if you want to decorate an exposed place in your home with a large wooden figurine: at Lignoma lovers of valuable wood carvings are spoilt for choice.

You can also decide on the color according to your wishes: Choose from colored wooden figures, wooden figures with watercolor painting or figures decorated with gold, the figure that appeals to you most. In addition, our carved figures are also available in natural or stained in several colors.

Which wooden figure suits me?

Are you looking for a beautiful carved figure to decorate your home? With us you will surely find the right angel, a precious wooden Madonna, a wooden cross or a carved wooden figurine, which fits wonderfully into your home. If you have a rustic style of furnishing, our wooden figurines in natural finish are suitable, otherwise you are welcome to add color. Take your time and rest. Let yourself be guided by your personal taste.

Our wooden figures are also a great gift idea. For example, why not give the patron saint of a person as a gift for his or her name day or birthday?

How to clean the carved figures?

If you would like to remove dust from one of our carved wooden figures, a soft, dry cloth or a fine brush is sufficient. If your figure is waxed or stained, you can also use a clean and soft brush. The brush also ensures that the surface is polished again.

For painted wooden figures, whether glazed, painted with watercolors or decorated with gold leaf, you should , so that the surface is not damaged in any way. In addition, avoid pressing or rubbing firmly with the cloth on areas that have been refined with gold and avoid direct contact of the gold with the skin.

How are the wooden figures made?

Our wooden figurines are made with a lot of passion by carvers from Val Gardena and with a lot of love for detail. Although the wooden figures are down-to-earth, they are filigree in every detail. They look like lifelike snapshots with natural movements.

The individual parts of the wooden figures fit proportionally excellent to each other. This applies equally to the few attributes that belong to the immediate surroundings. These are stones on which a foot is supported, or objects that the carved wooden figures hold in their hands.

How our wooden figures are lovingly handcrafted in our workshops, we tell you in detail in our magazine article making a wooden figure.

Do you have a question about our hand carved figures? With pleasure!

Have you found a beautiful hand carved figure for yourself or a special person? Then order it online right away. If you are not yet sure which figure fits best into your home or if you have a question about our products, we will be happy to advise you.

By the way: We also carve your individual wooden figurine as part of a commissioned work.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!