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Wall supports and pedestals

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These are pedestals and consoles for the ornaments such as Madonnas or other wood carvings. These wall consoles and wall pedestals are made of wood themselves. Depending on the model they are decorated rather plain or even lavishly filigree.

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Console baroque
Console baroque from 114,40 €
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Corner-Console F.H.
Corner-Console F.H. from 23,00 €
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Console F.H.
Console F.H. from 24,60 €
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Rectangular Pedestal
Rectangular Pedestal from 16,90 €
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Shaped Pedestal
Shaped Pedestal 35,70 €
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Oval Pedestal
Oval Pedestal 84,00 €
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Round Pedestal
Round Pedestal from 14,50 €
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Wall bracket gothic style
Wall bracket gothic style from 14,10 €
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Wall alcove
Wall alcove from 124,10 €
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Pedestal baroque for statues
Pedestal baroque for statues from 26,60 €
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Pedestal simple for statues
Pedestal simple for statues from 17,20 €
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Wall console baroque
Wall console baroque from 45,10 €
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Pedestal baroque high
Pedestal baroque high from 1.123,50 €
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Simple wall console
Simple wall console from 24,00 €
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Pairconsole from 42,50 €
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Arch console
Arch console from 143,00 €
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Simple arch console
Simple arch console from 84,70 €
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Simple wall arch console
Simple wall arch console from 90,00 €
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Simple and beautiful decorative elements

The wall consoles are carved from wood and are highly decorative. This applies both to the simple versions and to the elaborately decorated wall consoles. The pedestals alone, which are modelled on the baroque, are small works of art in themselves. Opulently carved, they are richly decorated in detail and give their surroundings the flair of this lavishly beautiful time.

The baroque in our days

The artist achieved the same with the gothic wall console. The wall console is carved out of wood and has the distinctive features of this magnificent period. The gracefully smooth surface is remarkable, on which a wooden figure can find an exclusive place. A Madonna or other wooden carved figures can find a display area where it can be uniquely showcased. Unique art treasures can be wonderfully presented on our wall consoles and wall pedestals.

The perfect stage for your favourites

The wall and standing arch models are also carved from wood. They look very delicate and are highly decorative. Nevertheless they radiate a sense of distinguished modesty. They are master craftsmen's achievements - they may look good on their own, but they are still modest enough to offer the figures who will be standing on them only the presentation frame or their stage. The artists have succeeded in this balancing act very well with all models.

Despite all their ornamentation and playfulness, these consoles and pedestals never appear pretentious or intrusive. They are highly elegant without imposing themselves or wanting to be in the spotlight, although they deserve exactly that. They are therefore suitable for almost all styles of interior design.