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Carved Christ bodies

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Jesus Christ took the sins of mankind upon Himself and died on the cross before His resurrection and ascension. Here in the store you can order individual wooden bodies. The body can be mounted on the wall, in a niche or on a wall crosses.

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Christ A (without Cross)
Christ A (without Cross) from 30,40 €
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Christ C (without Cross)
Christ C (without Cross) from 50,40 €
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Christ Gardena (without Cross)
Christ Gardena (without Cross) from 56,80 €
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Christ plain (without Cross)
Christ plain (without Cross) from 33,90 €
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Christ for Crucifixion Group (without Cross)
Christ for Crucifixion Group (without Cross) from 36,10 €
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Neapolitan Christ
Neapolitan Christ from 654,70 €
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Christ of mountain
Christ of mountain from 443,50 €
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Christ of Alps
Christ of Alps from 30,40 €
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Corpus from 77,00 €
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Body of Christ
Body of Christ from 2.673,90 €
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Saint Dismas
Saint Dismas from 72,80 €
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Christ dying
Christ dying from 77,00 €
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Corpus contemplative
Corpus contemplative from 72,80 €
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Passion christ 2022
Passion christ 2022 from 15,80 €
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Carved bodies made by master craftsmen

They are true masterpieces of woodcarving art. They dispense with an all too drastic depiction of the brutalities through which, according to biblical tradition, he had to go. They are romantically transfigured representations in a calm and peaceful attitude. The historical nails that were once driven through his hands and feet are clearly visible. The points of impact are deliberately kept neutral. Nevertheless, the sensitive carving art has succeeded in giving his suffering an appropriate appearance, sometimes modern and sometimes simple.

Jesus embodies true love

Of course, he too suffered on the cross, but with him, his attitude was particularly important. With sentences such as "... because they do not know what they are doing" he once again made his love for people clear. These are the emotions that our carved bodies have captured. Each of the models is made of wood and finished by hand. When you look at them, you feel close to them and trust them completely. A Jesus body is a very personal thing.

A large assortment of wooden bodies

Whether Christ mountain body, the alpine body or the Christ for the crucifixion group - they all have their undeniable charm. They are hand-painted, carved from wood and worked out with dedication down to the last detail. This is how one likes to look at them again and again. Choose "your" Christ body and order it right here in our store.