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Nativity scenes

Wide selection of carved nativity scenes made in Italy

Woodcarvings from Val Gardena

Lignoma is your online shop when it comes to high-quality products and carved wooden gifts. Our wood carvings are made with great attention to detail and a great deal of dedication to the material wood by wood carvers from South Tyrol - Val Gardena. We work hand in hand with our woodcarvers, painters and gilders according to handed down Val Gardena traditions. We are specialized in nativity figures and nativity sets.


Almost 400 figures of Saints. Find your own Patron Saint!

Religious statues
Angels of wood

They symbolize the protection of the people

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Wide selection of nativity sets

South Tyrol nativity scene
Set 15 pieces with Nativity Stable Duleda
from 399 €
Lignoma alpine nativity scene
Set 40 pieces with Nativity Stable Cir
from 857 €
Lignoma oriental nativity scene
Set 20 pieces with Nativity Stable "Alpina"
from 462 €
Fairy Tale nativity scene
Set 15 pieces with Nativity Stable simple
from 217 €
Alpine nativity scene (with pedestal)
Set 10 pieces with stable
from 426 €
South Tyrol nativity scene
Set 15 pieces with Nativity Stable Stevia
from 429 €
Fairy Tale nativity scene
Set 15 pieces with Nativity Stable "Alpina"
from 259 €
South Tyrol nativity scene
Set 25 pieces with Nativity Stable Duleda
from 571 €
South Tyrol nativity scene
Set 15 pieces
from 223 €
Alpine nativity scene
Set 15 pieces with stable
from 554 €

South Tyrol nativity scene

Wonderful presentation of our South Tyrol nativity scene.

Lignoma Alpine nativity scene

Our new Lignoma nativity scene in alpine style.

Fairy Tale nativity scene

The round carved figures are perfect
for children to play with.

Video: manifacturing of a Nativity crib

Large variety of products - more than 2.800 products!
Madonna Gardenafrom 22 €
Christ Gardena (without Cross)from 46 €
Holy Familyfrom 45 €
Whirligig with wood-sawyerfrom 218 €
Saint Florian with Housefrom 49 €
Bridal couplefrom 19 €
Nativity Stable Steviafrom 206 €
Trophy Plaque for chamoisfrom 31 €
Abseiler with Ropefrom 9 €
Nativity Stable "Alpina" from 130 €
Ibexfrom 22 €
Saint Ambrosefrom 77 €
Nativity Set La Siafrom 25 €
Tuba Playerfrom 42 €
Guardian angel baroquefrom 58 €
Madonna Relieffrom 22 €
Owlfrom 8 €
Group of Angelsfrom 34 €


Wonderful presentation of our holy Mary Mother of God


For your garden, terrace or balcony - definitely a special eye-catcher!

Whirligigs for the garden, balcony or terrace

Whirligig mini with hunterfrom 95 €
Whirligig small with woodpeckerfrom 123 €
Whirligig with bikerfrom 254 €
Whirligig with Tyroleanfrom 165 €
Whirligig big double with 2 wood-sawyersfrom 504 €

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Here in the Shop you will find a wide range of products such as wooden figures, devotional objects, Madonnas, angel figures, wooden animals and many other beautiful wood carvings. A speciality of our wood carvers are the decorative Christmas cribs. We offer plenty of wooden nativity scenes in many different styles. Of course you will also find nativity animals as well as individual nativity crib stables.

Fast shipping due to ideal location

Due to our central location in Val Gardena, we are often able to dispatch your order in less than 48 hours. For shipping we rely on our experienced partners, who deliver our woodcarvings safely to your home.