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Nativity purchacing guide

Finding the right crib is not easy. That is why we have summarized for you what you have to pay attention to when buying. Discover our tips on sizes, styles and more.


When choosing the nativity figures and the stable, you should pay attention to the following:

  1. Select style & material
  2. Determine the correct size of the crib figures
  3. Find out the size of the stable
  4. Start crib set
  5. Set up a nativity scene

1. Select style & material

A Christmas crib lovingly puts the Christmas story in the foreground and lets young and old immerse themselves in a lively and imaginative game. Before choosing the right size for your nativity scene, your individual taste is the first thing to consider. What should your crib look like? You will find nativity scenes in the most diverse executions:


Wooden nativity scenes are available in many different styles:

  • Oriental Christmas cribs often have straight lines, are simple and the stables are usually characterized by oriental architecture.
  • The rural and alpine Christmas cribs stand in contrast to this. The traditional figures captivate by many small details and the stables remind of mountain huts.
  • The wooden nativity scene figures and stables are also available in modern as well as classic designs.
South Tyrol nativity scene
Lignoma Oriental nativity scene
Fairy-Tale nativity scene
Alpine nativity scene

Our Christmas cribs: the Alpine nativity scene convinces for example by a rustic charm and rapturous detail work. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more puristic style, we can recommend our Artis Nativity Set with its straight lines.

ust take a look around and discover a Christmas crib to your taste.

Tip: Don't be afraid to try out unusual combinations of different nativity scene and figure designs, for example, oriental figures in combination with a rural stable. A well thought-out mix of different styles can give your crib that certain something and blend in harmoniously with the room in which it is to be set up.


At Lignoma you will find only nativity scenes and nativity figures made of high quality wood, which are handmade in Val Gardena. We use these types of wood:

By the way: In our article "Materials for Nativity figures" you can learn more about the other raw materials we use to produce our nativity sets.

Colors / Executions:

Many of our wooden nativity figures are available in different designs. Here you can see for example the South Tyrol nativity scene, which is available in all our color executions:

nature example picture

Ausführung "natur"

With these nativity figures you will enjoy the simple grace of nature and the detailed carvings without being distracted by colorful accents.

multi-colour stained example picture

Ausführung "gebeizt"

Depending on the stain, the wood is lighter or darker. This type of processing is particularly beautiful because the grain of the wood is still clearly visible.

colored example picture

Ausführung "koloriert"

The crib figures are painted by hand with different colors. With each nativity figurine you get a unique piece.

watercolor example picture

Ausführung "aquarell"

The watercolor painting creates interesting tones and shades, which give the nativity figures a special liveliness.

2. Determine the correct size of the crib figures

One of the most important decisions when buying a nativity scene is to choose the right size of your nativity scene.

In our online store you will find nativity figures between 5 and 85 cm high. The size in centimeters always refers to the figure of Josephs. All other figures of a certain size are shown in the right proportion to Joseph. The respective centimeter specification, for example 12 cm, does not mean the exact height of the individual crib figure, but tells you that the figure fits the series in 12 cm.

Example: Whoever buys Joseph in the size 10 cm and is looking for the matching baby Jesus should consequently also buy the baby Jesus in the size 10 cm. The baby Jesus is then of course much smaller than the Joseph, but in this size fits perfectly with all crib figures of the same series in 10 cm.

Do you already have a Christmas crib and are now looking for more matching crib figures? Then measure the Joseph once from head to toe with a measuring tape. This will result in the right size of crib for you. If you already own some figures but are still unsure about the size of these nativity figures, you can also contact our Customer Service at any time. We are happy to help you!

By the way: Very popular are crib figures with 12 cm. However, the place where you want to place them usually decides which size is the right one.

3. Find out the size of the stable

Also crib stables are available in different sizes, each of which matches the corresponding series of crib figures of the same size.

Example: a crib stable in 12 cm fits crib figures in 12 cm.

Nativity Stable Duledafrom 222 €
Stable "Artis" with enlargementfrom 95 €
Nativity Stable Secedafrom 216 €
Nativity Stable simplefrom 97 €
Nativity Stable Steviafrom 255 €
Modern Oriental stablefrom 150 €
Nativity Stable Sellafrom 59 €
Nativity Stable Panafrom 246 €

4. Start crib set

Christmas cribs are available from us as single figures and stables, but also in different sets Thus you can order our nativity scenes with different sizes of figures comfortably and quickly without having to put all desired figures into the shopping cart first. You will receive a complete nativity set, directly, so that you and your whole family can immediately enjoy the festive atmosphere in your decorated home.

But it is also charming to add one or more figures to a nativity scene every year. Especially young families like to start with the Holy Family and treat themselves to one more figurine every year, which gradually makes the crib grow.

Tip: If you want to gradually expand your crib, it is best to buy a slightly larger crib stable at the beginning, in which there will be room for more figures later. So that the stable does not appear oversized, warm lighting or a separate decoration with straw or wood shavings is recommended.

By the way: If you are looking for a set without a crib stable, then take a look at our page Nativity figures set page. If you want to know more about the individual figures, we recommend our article "Meaning of the single nativity figurines".

5. Set up a nativity scene

You should keep this in mind when setting up the nativity scene:

The right place

In order for the crib to be shown to its best advantage, you should choose a suitable place in your home. It is best if you take this into account when choosing the size of the crib: the larger the available space, the more impressive the nativity scene can be.

Many people place the crib on a nicely decorated chest of drawers, but there is also a popular place under the Christmas tree.

Lighting and decoration

A nice blanket, a few fir branches and straw or a cozy lighting by candles make your nativity scene something very special. With a well thought-out decoration you have the possibility to put your nativity scene in a new light every year.

Dekoration einer Krippe

The order of the figures

When setting up the nativity scene, the following applies: regardless of whether you set up the nativity scene figures all at once or gradually in accordance with the Gospel of Luke - it is important that the Child Jesus is seen centrally. Mary and Joseph stand around the Child Jesus.

You can find out how to place the other nativity figures correctly around the Child Jesus in our guide "Placing nativity figures correctly".

Quality that pays off

All our nativities meet the highest standards of quality and production:

  • noble nativity scenes from our own traditional handicraft;
  • detailed handwork of selected woodcarvers and painters;
  • high quality and optimally dried solid wood

You can easily order the cribs in our online store and have them delivered directly to your home. We pay attention to a fast, safe and professional shipping of your goods. In a few days you will already have your nativity figures in your hands. Of course you can also pick up your goods at any time in our specialized store in S. Cristina in Val Gardena (Italy).

Do you have any further questions? We are at your disposal at any time. Write to us at info@lignoma.com or call us from Germany free of charge at 0800 8877288 (alternative number: +39 335 1412548). We look forward to your inquiry!