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Karl 2000 nativity scene

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The Karl 2000 crib gets its indescribable charm from its very own combination of stylistic highlights. Here emotional purism, romantic transfiguration and delightful detail work meet incomparably. Available in the sizes: 9 cm, 12 cm, 18 cm, 24 cm and 36 cm.

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Nativity figures of Karl 2000 nativity scene(% products)

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Mary from 22,30 €
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Jesus child with crome
Jesus child with crome from 22,30 €
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Joseph from 22,30 €
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Holy family
Holy family from 67,00 €
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Ox from 22,30 €
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Donkey from 22,30 €
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Genuflected king
Genuflected king from 22,30 €
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King white
King white from 22,30 €
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King moor
King moor from 22,30 €
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Gloria angel
Gloria angel from 22,30 €
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Genuflected herdsman
Genuflected herdsman from 22,30 €
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Herdsman with stick
Herdsman with stick from 22,30 €
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Herdsman with lamb
Herdsman with lamb from 22,30 €
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Shepherdess with bread
Shepherdess with bread from 22,30 €
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Shepherd with bunny
Shepherd with bunny from 22,30 €
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Girl with basket
Girl with basket from 21,80 €
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Shepherd with bunny and girl
Shepherd with bunny and girl from 44,90 €
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Sheep with lamb
Sheep with lamb from 12,40 €
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Sheep from 9,90 €
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Lying sheep
Lying sheep from 9,90 €
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The enchanting play of lights and shadows

The Karl 2000 crib is a masterpiece of craftsmanship of a very special kind. The figures are simply adorable and completely made of wood. The viewer is invited on a discovery trip through a never-ending variety of optical impressions. As a representative of a very special style, the artist plays with lights and colors in the scenery he has created. He does this so skilfully that it looks absolutely natural and magnetically draws the viewer under its pleasant spell.

The Christmas story is told here in a wonderful way. Even the newborn baby, the Christ Child, was carved from wood, resharpened by hand and perfectly finished. Even as a wooden figure it radiates that very special something.

The magic of details

The crib figures of the Karl 2000 crib have a strikingly flat surface, on which the details are only hinted at stylistically, but perfectly. This is particularly evident in the fur of the animals. Where in nature hair by hair lies close together and thus the fur is created, here, although in inimitable beauty, only hints of tufts of hair are made. This stylistic device runs through the entire neckline of this consecrated night and makes the Karl 2000 nativity scene something special among the Nativity sets.

Of course, the classical figures such as the Three Wise Kings etc. should not be missing. The Karl 2000 crib also makes a good gift and is of lasting value. Everyone will enjoy it not only at Christmas time.

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