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Spruce wood

The common red spruce or fir is sometimes called "the bread tree of Central European forestry" - a title that already today gives an indication of this widespread wood, which has very special characteristics.

Ash wood

The manufacturers make use of the special properties of ash wood for bent parts in the construction of boats, furniture and sports equipment. In our online store we offer a beautiful Christmas crib entirely hand-carved made of ash wood, the Fabulous Nativity Scene.

Yew wood

If the yew tree really has magical powers, as is said many times, we cannot be sure. However, this article about the tree, which has become rare in this country, and its precious wood, contains many interesting facts that will amaze you.

Chestnut wood

The chestnut trees are beautiful trees. Children love to make pretty little chestnut trees that they picked themselves. Chestnut wood is also of extraordinary beauty and can be worked in many ways. To learn more about chestnut wood click here!

Larch wood

The larch belongs to the pine family and its wood has some peculiarities that make it interesting for processing. In our article you will learn interesting facts about the larch, its presence and resistant wood that can be used without chemical protection./p>

Elm wood

The elms are very special trees, but unfortunately in this country there are only young ones. In this article you will learn about the properties of perhaps the most beautiful wood species, what elm wood can be used for and how to take care of this precious wood.

Tips: whittling for kids

The carving is an art that children can learn right away. The most important requirements are good tools and binding safety rules. Whether as a family activity or as a classroom project - here you can find out what you should know about carving with children.

Oak wood

Oak wood considered a kind of high quality wood for many reasons! In good condition, it is still very well preserved even after centuries and is particularly appreciated for use in interiors. In our article we present oak and its popular wood in more detail.

Making a wooden figure

In this article you will learn how a wooden statue is made: from idea to planning and coloring. An interesting look at the wonderful craftsmanship and our versatile work!

Maple wood

The maple leaf adorns the national flag of Canada. In this country, extremely hard maple wood enjoys great popularity. The wood is considered one of the finest noble hardwoods. You can read more about the particularities and appearance of maple in this article.

Lime wood

Lime wood is particularly appreciated by woodcarvers, compared to other qualities: it is very easy to cut, plan and bend. But this is by no means all that distinguishes lime woods. In our article you can find out everything worth knowing about the lime tree and its wood.

Swiss stone pine wood

The Swiss stone pine is the tree from which the wood called pine. Only experienced woodcarvers can work this wood by hand to create beautiful figures. Especially in the Alps the use of Swiss pine wood has a long tradition. We reveal the motif.

Which wood is most suitable for wood carving

Do you want to start carving but don't know which wood to use for your first project? In our article we have collected the most important tips for different types of wood so that you can start your new hobby with pleasure!

Learn how to carve: how to avoid mistakes

There is always a reason to start carving. In our article you will learn which mistakes you should absolutely avoid as a beginner and which carving projects are suitable even for untrained hands. Start and discover the joy of a new hobby!