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Chestnut wood

The sweet chestnut (Latin name: Castanea) belongs to the beech family and is appreciated in Western and Southern Europe for its edible fruits and as a supplier of wood.

Chestnut trees

European chestnut tree stocks have been recovering since the 1990s, after having shrunk dramatically since the end of the 19th century due to various diseases. There are several varieties of chestnut trees that are cultivated in the high and low forest. Chestnut wood has golden brown shades without grains and is known both for its appearance and for its properties. The annual rings are clearly visible.


The grain of chestnut wood is usually straight, which is why the wood can be easily bent. Chestnut wood accepts paints, varnishes, polishes and stains very well. Chestnut wood naturally contains a high percentage of tannic acid. For this reason it is very resistant to weathering and repellent to insect damage and fungal attack, even without chemical treatment.


Chestnut wood is mainly used in the construction of furniture, roof beams and fixtures. Thanks to its excellent weather resistance, it is used where it has to withstand wind and weather: in playgrounds, as railway sleepers and in shipbuilding. The garden fences and wine barrels are also made of chestnut wood. With a life span of 15 to 25 years, chestnut wood is just as durable as the oak wood. In pre-industrial times, chestnut bark was also used to tanning the skin.

In areas where traditional construction methods are valued, chestnut wood is increasingly being cultivated. Since wood is weatherproof even without chemical additives, it is ideal as a building material for eco-houses and furniture for allergy sufferers.

Shows excellent carving properties; this weatherproof material is particularly suitable for outdoor carved artwork.

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