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A Christmas nativity scene for children and the whole family

For many families with children, displaying a nativity scene is a regular Christmas tradition. We tell you what you should look for when choosing a child-friendly nativity scene and present the Fairy-Tale Nativity as a beautiful, age-appropriate Christmas nativity scene for children made of wood.

Why are ox and donkey in the nativity?

A crib without ox and donkey would be incomplete: the two animals, together with the main characters Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus, simply belong to a traditional crib. But how did the ox and donkey, which are among the oldest Christian motifs, enter the stable? And what is the meaning of the other animals in the stable?

The Easter nativity: history and meaning

Cribs are not available only during the Christmas period. Have you ever heard of Easter cribs? In our article we explain why a carved nativity scene could help you understand the biblical history of Easter and where you can admire the nativity scenes.

The mining nativity scene

The miner's crib was a joint project between various artists from Annaberg-Buchholz that has existed since 2000. The magnificent crib tells the story of Annaberg's Christmas. Here you can find out everything about this extraordinary project.

Nativity scene exhibitions in South Tyrol

If you are spending your vacations in South Tyrol during the Advent period, you should definitely visit a crib exhibition. Read in our article where you can admire the most beautiful cribs in the region, when the exhibitions take place and where visitors can expect extraordinary things!

The most beloved Christmas nativity sets

A carved crib is always something special. But which crib is the best for you? Here you can find out which features distinguish the most famous cribs, which are the cribs suitable for families and which characters should not be missing.

Materials for nativity figures

Although the traditional Christmas cribs are carved in wood, now there is a wide selection of figures for the crib made of various materials. Here you will find an overview of the different types and learn interesting facts about their advantages and disadvantages.

How to properly place the nativity figures?

A hand carved nativity scene reveals all its beauty only when placed in the right spot. In our article we describe the best order to set up the statues of the crib and how their ensemble can create a special atmosphere.

Meaning of the single nativity figures

The cribs tell the wonderful story of Christmas - and each of the sculpted figures represents one of the protagonists of this story. In this article, which is worth reading, you can find out which crib figurines should not be missing under any circumstances and what their respective meanings are.

History of the nativity scene

Since when are there cribs? In this article we will show you that hand cut nativity scenes have a tradition dating back several centuries. Find out everything you need to know about the history of one of the most important parts of the Advent season!