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Dream Angels

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Our wooden dream angels exert a wonderful fascination on their viewers. It consists of calmness, trust and devotion. They give comfort and confidence. These dream angels seem so realistic because they are carved full of feeling. This requires more than just craftsmanship.

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Dream angel praying
Dream angel praying from 8,80 €
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Dream angel with candle
Dream angel with candle from 8,80 €
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Dream angel singing
Dream angel singing from 8,80 €
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Dream angel with heart
Dream angel with heart from 8,80 €
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Key-ring dream angel
Key-ring dream angel 13,00 €
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Charm, grace and tranquillity

Figures made of wood always have their very special charm. If they are hand painted and beautifully finished like these dream angels, the illusion is perfect. You would like to watch such a dream angel for a very long time and watch over his sweet sleep until he wakes up again. Then, according to this pleasant misconception, you could have a little chat with him. The facial features, the robe, the posture - all this contributes to the liveliness of these wooden figures.

A precision job

Our dream angels are created by experienced carvers and painted completely by hand. It is probably due to the precision of the carving work and the contour-true painting that give these wooden figures their apparent life.

Not only something for Christmas

These modern art treasures fit everywhere. If you like, you can have them in your home all year round. A dream angel, for example, can be a great guardian of a child's sleep. In fact, you don't have to be a child to enjoy the sight of these dream angels. With a little romance, you simply feel safe, protected and sheltered in their presence. Dream Angels are fascinating and very personal gifts.