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Gnomes and dwarves

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The gnome is a little fantasy creature. The helpful little house ghost is one of the good guys - but he is also available for all kinds of pranks. Our wooden gnomes & dwarfs are wonderful gifts for young and old, but they are not suitable for the garden or outdoors.

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Gnome "The boss"
Gnome "The boss" from 10,10 €
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Gnome "The gold-digger"
Gnome "The gold-digger" from 10,10 €
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Gnome "The diamonds-digger"
Gnome "The diamonds-digger" from 10,10 €
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Gnome "The miner"
Gnome "The miner" from 10,10 €
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Gnome "The guardian"
Gnome "The guardian" from 10,10 €
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Gnome "The minerals-collector"
Gnome "The minerals-collector" from 10,10 €
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Gnome "The woodcutter"
Gnome "The woodcutter" from 10,10 €
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Gnome "The gardener"
Gnome "The gardener" from 10,10 €
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Gnome "The home-gnome"
Gnome "The home-gnome" from 10,10 €
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Gnome "The wood-bearer"
Gnome "The wood-bearer" from 10,10 €
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Gnome "The mushroom-picker"
Gnome "The mushroom-picker" from 10,10 €
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Gnome "The farmer"
Gnome "The farmer" from 10,10 €
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Carved gnomes and dwarves

The crafting of gnomes and dwarves is also a popular autumn theme in children's lessons. One of the aims is to teach them how to handle materials from nature. True masters of the art of carving were at work on our gnome figures. The gnomes and dwarfs are beautifully carved from wood. The observer of these works of art can be indulged in every detail. Painted by hand and romantically transfigured as a whole, these little wooden figures are simply adorable. Here they are shown as gold diggers, diamond seekers and in other classical professions.

The little guys are welcome everywhere

Regardless of the fact that there are no living models for these figures, they look exactly as you imagine them in your imagination. Our carvers have succeeded in making these figures look realistic. This is certainly also due to the fact that they are a mixture of small children and adult bearded people.

They are simply lovable, the little masterpieces. They fit on every desk, on every shelf. Even as a nice collection they look really cute. They can also be placed in a small showcase in the spotlight. This inspires everyone - across the generations.