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Angel figures & angels made of wood

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Our angel figures made of high quality wood are a beautiful decoration and are also ideal as a gift for different purposes. They are available in different sizes, designs and executions. Whether you are looking for a cherub for the Herrgottswinkel (dedicated place for prayers inside the home), a gloria figure for the Christmas Nativity scene or a guardian angel for a newborn - with this extensive selection you are guaranteed to find "your" personal angel or a special angel figure for a loved one.

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Angel of faith relief
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Angel of peace relief
Angel of peace relief from 29,00 €
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Angel of love relief
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Saint Raphael archangel
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Saint Gabriel archangel
Saint Gabriel archangel from 132,70 €
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What is special about the wooden angels of Lignoma?

Whether decorative angels, gloria angels or putti: our angels are hand carved in great detail by carvers from Val Gardena and lovingly painted by hand. They create a cosy atmosphere and their lovely faces have a pleasantly calming effect on the observer. With an angel figure from Lignoma you decide for

  • a unique collector's item,
  • quality and traditional handicraft from Val Gardena and
  • fast and uncomplicated ordering as well as safe delivery of your angel figurine directly to your home.

Angels: Which figure suits me and my interior design?

Since nobody knows what angels really look like, we also offer our angel figurines made of high-quality Maple wood or Lime wood in a wide variety. They vary especially in size, design and shape.

In which sizes are angel figures available?

Would you like to set up the angel figure at home? We have large angels with a height of up to 85 cm, which are really impressive. A group of smaller angels can be placed on a shelf or in a display case, for example - just as you like. If you only have limited space, we recommend our angel heads and putti. These can be simply attached to the wall as wall angels and use them to decorate a Hergottswinkel (dedicated place for prayers inside the home), or other representative place.

Tip: Once you have decided on a place, you should measure the height so that your angel figure has enough room later.

What shape do the angels have?

They almost all have the same wings, but otherwise our angels are very different from each other. Putti, the infant figures created in the baroque and rococo periods, are a particularly popular representation of angels. The angel statues playing music radiate something calming and protective. Some have a beautiful innocent expression on their faces. But there are also the classically carved angels who rejoice with cello, mandolin & co. Other angels hold a candle or other heavenly objects in their hands and are also suitable for Christmas decorations.

In which executions are wooden angels available?

You can choose between the following surface treatments for most angel figures:

  • nature
  • multi-tone stained
  • colored
  • real gold on antique

Whether simple angel in natural style or noble angel figure with gold leaf decoration - you will enjoy our angels for a long time.

On which occasions are angels suitable as gifts?

Angel figurines have a special meaning for quite a few people nowadays. They should bring their owner happiness, love and protection. Guardian angels are a wonderful gift idea for baptism, communion, confirmation, birthday or Christmas. In addition, with a wooden angel you can always bring joy to a loved one or simply say thank you. Angels can also have a positive effect as a lucky charm for difficult trials.

Which angel should not be missing in the nativity scene?

In a festively decorated Christmas crib, the so-called angel of preaching must not be missing. This is placed above the nativity scene. According to tradition, the Angel Gabriel is said to have brought the shepherds the good news of the Saviour's birth. Some figures are depicted with a banner between the hands on which "Gloria in excelsis deo" ("Glory to God in the highest") is written.

Tip: Are you looking for a Gloria angel in the right size for your nativity scene? Please note the following: The sizes in centimetres for the angels for the crib always refer to the figure of Joseph. All other figures of a certain size are shown in the right proportion to Joseph. The respective centimetre indication, for example 10 cm, therefore does not stand for the exact height of the angel, but means that the figure fits the 10 cm series. You can find more information about this in our cribs purchase guide.

What role do angels play in Christianity?

Angels are among the classics of woodcarving and have a very long tradition - not only in the Christian world. In other cultures, too, angels have always been regarded as a symbol for the protection of people. Angel comes from the Greek angelus and means messenger. This is also where its meaning in Christianity comes from: they convey important messages to people and offer help and wisdom.. Nowadays, their main role is as guardian angels, who give us love and hope. During the Christmas season they also spread a festive atmosphere.

Do you have any questions about our angels? We are happy to help you!

Be inspired by our large selection of angel figurines. Once you have found your favourite, you can order it right here in the Angels section. If you are unsure which wooden angel suits you best - we will be happy to advise you. Would you like to make yourself or a loved one happy with a special angel? We can also carve your very own personal angel figure as part of a commissioned work.

We are looking forward to your request!