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Tips of wooden gifts for Christmas

The wood carvings are among the most suggested special gifts for Christmas. The high quality craftsmanship comes from the traditional carving workshops, which are based as family-run businesses in the South Tyrolean Val Gardena.


In Val Gardena experienced woodcarvers make wooden statues by hand: animals, religious and secular sculptures including Christmas angels, nativity scenes and many other characters suitable for a Christmas gift..

The Christmas crib

The crib is definitely a classic among the wooden Christmas gifts. A carved Christmas crib brings joy to the whole family. First of all, you choose the desired style among different types: natural, simple, Middle Eastern, rustic or modern. Followed by the selection of buy high quality crib stable made of wood, that can be given as a gift with matching wooden figurines.

Nativity Stable Duledafrom 222 €
Modern Oriental stablefrom 150 €
Nativity Stable Secedafrom 216 €
Artis - stable traditionalfrom 52 €

The sacred family, the ox and the donkey, the shepherds, the shepherds, the sheep and the three wise men, individually or in sets, are an ideal Christmas gift. Most crib lovers do not start with a complete crib right away. Often you start with the hut and the Holy Family and in the following years you can add other nativity figures of the crib.

Some of the Nativity sets from Lignoma, are now composed of more than 50 different wooden figurines. Each figurine is hand carved, and can be made of maple, linden or Swiss pine wood and is available in natural, multicolored, colored, watercolor or real gold antique versions. Tip: the subjects with the base are more stable and are more suitable for children, as the legs cannot come off easily. A Christmas crib can be placed anywhere in the apartment; whether in the kitchen, hallway, bedroom or children's bedroom. The living room is the most suitable environment, as it is a particularly cozy room in the house at Christmas time.

Set 15 pieces with Nativity Stable Duledafrom 477 €
Set 15 pieces with Modern Oriental stablefrom 454 €
Set 15 pieces with Nativity Stable simplefrom 247 €
Set 15 pieces with stablefrom 683 €

Angel with candle

The little angel is an absolute classic among Christmas presents and can be the perfect addition to a crib. On the other hand, the angels are closely associated with the period of Advent and Christmas and therefore particularly suitable. Equally appreciated is the angel with candle, available such as dream angel, barok angel or Pitti angel.

Angel Candleholder left (without Candle)from 28 €
Angel Candleholder right (without Candle)from 28 €
Guardian angel with girlfrom 33 €
Guardian angel with boyfrom 33 €
"Sissi" angel with candlefrom 10 €
"Pitti" angel with candlefrom 15 €
Dream angel with candlefrom 9 €
Merci angel with candlefrom 8 €

The collections of angels are recommended for amateur collectors. This also includes Sissi's angels, among which there is also an angel with a candle. Incidentally, a Christmas gift can be perfectly combined with best wishes for the New Year. With a guardian angel as a Christmas gift, you can affectionately demonstrate that you wish the best for the recipient with all your heart.

Devotional objects

For people of faith, a sacred wooden statue could be a good idea as a Christmas gift. These include the categories of Madonnas, representations of Jesus or crosses on the wall. The Madonna is available as a standing or sitting statue, as well as a relief and mural. Almost all statues of Mary carry the baby Jesus in their arms. Each wooden religious figure is carefully carved by hand. The same goes for the figures of the baby Jesus and Jesus Christ as well as the crucified ones.

Pope John Paul IIfrom 67 €
Madonna Gardenafrom 26 €
Christ A with Crossfrom 17 €
Saint Florian with Housefrom 58 €

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