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Trophy shields for boar

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Clever and careful - that must be a life-boosting factor. With a weight of well over a hundred kilos and a stately age, these wild boars have all too often proved in their lives that only experienced hunters are capable of hunting such magnificent game. Give your wild boar a special place in your home with one of our hand-carved maple or lime wooden boards.

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Trophy Plaque Mini
Trophy Plaque Mini 27,70 €
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Trophy Plaque for Wild Boar Tusks
Trophy Plaque for Wild Boar Tusks 55,40 €
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Trophy Plaque for Wild Boar Tusks new
Trophy Plaque for Wild Boar Tusks new 136,40 €
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Handmade wooden wedge board for your trophy collection

He knows every hiding place and would never walk across an open field during a full moon. For years he manages to escape the attentive gaze of the hunter and the bullets of the hunting rifle through skilful moves. But one day you too will hunt down your life's boar - a stately creature that you will probably only be able to fix once in your life with the red dot. A little bit of luck will not harm you when hunting. Whether it is a driven hunt, a hunting excursion or shot in your own hunting ground - this hunting success will remain in your memory forever.

While the flesh of the boar is perishable, its weapon is a lasting reminder of the magnificent animal and your success. Order a handmade trophy plate for boars from us at a reasonable price and prepare your hunting trophy in such a way that your hunter's heart can still enjoy this special hunting success years later. Our boar boards are available in different types of wood and designs. Decorated with carved oak leaves, the trophy board for boars not only offers plenty of space for the stylish presentation of the weapon, but also for individual painting with the place and date of the shot or a text of your choice.

All trophy boards for boars are handmade by our carvers, whose love for tradition and nature can be seen in the detailed decorations and clean work. There is a hole on the back of each boar board. So you can hang the trophy board with a screw or nail - just as you wish - at a place of your choice.