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Christmas Eve: Why do we celebrate it?

According to its original meaning, Christians gather on Christmas Eve to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Non-Christian people also celebrate this day as a family holiday with presents. Learn more about the history and meaning of the day as well as traditional Christmas Eve dishes in this article.

Father Christmas: Who is he really?

As Christmas season approaches, children big and small begin to wait patiently for Father Christmas to arrive. But where does the symbolic figure of Father Christmas come from? And what does he look like in other countries? We give you the answers to these and many other questions in this article.

A Christmas nativity scene for children and the whole family

For many families with children, displaying a nativity scene is a regular Christmas tradition. We tell you what you should look for when choosing a child-friendly nativity scene and present the Fairy-Tale Nativity as a beautiful, age-appropriate Christmas nativity scene for children made of wood.

Advent Calendar: History & Meaning

For most people, it is impossible to imagine the pre-Christmas season without it. But where does the tradition of opening a little door each day actually come from? How long have Advent calendars been around and how have they changed over time?

The Christ Child: The Meaning and History of the Blonde-Haired Angel

Blonde-haired with a white ruffled dress, wings and a halo: this is how we imagine the figure of the Christ Child, who lights up the eyes of young children on Christmas Eve. But do you know the story behind the angel?

Why do we celebrate Christmas? The meaning of Christmas explained

For Christians in particular, Christmas is a very special holiday that is celebrated with the whole family. But why do we celebrate Christmas at all and what are the different Christmas traditions all about? In this article, we explain the meaning of Christmas.

Decorating for Christmas - 7 simple tips and creative ideas

Christmas is the highlight of the year for families. In a season that is usually characterised by cold and darkness, Advent brings with it many good feelings with candlelight, the smell of freshly baked biscuits and the sound of carols. Find out more about what makes Christmas so special!

The History and Tradition of the Moravian Star

The Moravian star shines in windows at Christmas time and decorates house entrances, fir trees and Christmas markets. But where does the distinctive star with its many points come from and how did become so popular?

Celebrating christmas with children: Tips and ideas

Christmas is the highlight of the year for families. In a season that is usually characterised by cold and darkness, Advent brings wonderful feelings with candlelight, the smell of biscuits and carols. Find out here what truly matters at Christmas!

The history of the clock

The history of timekeeping is as old as the history of mankind. We offer you a brief insight into the origins of the clock and show you what secrets are hidden in this everyday object that sets the pace of our lives.

Why do we celebrate Saint Nicholas? The history & significance of the saint

Nicholas of Myra is one of the most popular and well-known saints of the Church. But who was Saint Nicholas, how did the customs for his day of remembrance on 6 December originate and how is the feast of Saint Nicholas celebrated in other countries? In this article, you will learn everything about the history and significance of Saint Nicholas.

Why do we celebrate Easter - the meaning and traditions of Easter simply explained

For many people, Easter is primarily a family celebration with Easter egg hunts, chocolate Easter bunnies and colourful eggs. People often forget that for Christians, Easter is the oldest and highest festival in the church year. In this magazine article, we answer the most important questions about the origin, meaning and customs of Easter.

Why and how we set up a Christmas tree: history and suggestions

For many families, a decorated Christmas tree is the focal point of the Christmas party, belongs to Christmas as a crib and cookies. The tradition of putting a green tree in the living room is not so old compared to the birth of Jesus 2000 years ago. We reveal why we put a Christmas tree in the living room and give advice on how to set up the Christmas tree.

Typical Christmas habits in Germany and other countries

Whether it's the Christmas tree, presents or the baby Jesus in the manger, all these Christmas customs are part of a typical German Christmas party. But where do these customs come from and when did they become a beautiful tradition? Furthermore, what strange and funny Christmas customs are there in other countries?

Why are ox and donkey in the nativity?

A crib without ox and donkey would be incomplete: the two animals, together with the main characters Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus, simply belong to a traditional crib. But how did the ox and donkey, which are among the oldest Christian motifs, enter the stable? And what is the meaning of the other animals in the stable?

Christian symbols and their meanings

Either a cross, a fish or a crib: Christian symbols are often encountered in everyday life - and not only in church or the cemetery. But we often know little about their origins. And what is their meaning? Learn more about the religious symbols of Christianity in this article.

The Archangel Gabriel: everything worth knowing about this angel

As an angel announcer, it should not be missing in any decorated Christmas crib: the Archangel Gabriel. But what else is known about the angel who brought the good news of the Lord to Mary? Find out all you need to know about the Archangel Gabriel in this article

Who was Mary, the mother of Jesus?

All those who have studied the Bible know it: Mary, the mother of Jesus. People in many religions and in many places in the world worship her. Who is this saint and "Mother of God"? What does the Bible say about her? What place does she occupy in Christianity? And, is she also a model for women today?

Spruce wood

The common red spruce or fir is sometimes called "the bread tree of Central European forestry" - a title that already today gives an indication of this widespread wood, which has very special characteristics.

Name day: find your patron saint

For centuries the name day has had a high value in Catholic circles. Some families still celebrate the anniversary of their patron saint as a second birthday. But not everyone knows when it is their name day. How do you determine your name day, what meaning does this day have and when you celebrate it if there are more saints or angels with the same name?

Ash wood

The manufacturers make use of the special properties of ash wood for bent parts in the construction of boats, furniture and sports equipment. In our online store we offer a beautiful Christmas crib entirely hand-carved made of ash wood, the Fabulous Nativity Scene.

Birth of Jesus: When was Jesus born?

Jesus was born on the evening of December 24 - or not? In our exciting article you will learn what you know nothing about Jesus' date of birth, what probably belongs more to the realm of legends and what historians have discovered about Jesus of Nazareth.

Yew wood

If the yew tree really has magical powers, as is said many times, we cannot be sure. However, this article about the tree, which has become rare in this country, and its precious wood, contains many interesting facts that will amaze you.

Chestnut wood

The chestnut trees are beautiful trees. Children love to make pretty little chestnut trees that they picked themselves. Chestnut wood is also of extraordinary beauty and can be worked in many ways. To learn more about chestnut wood click here!

The cross - symbol of Christianity

The cross is the symbol of Christianity, but why, of all things, does the memory of Jesus' death play such an important role in the faith? And why is it still a beautiful tradition today to hang hand-carved crosses? Here you will find interesting facts about the cross.

Meaning of the Putto Angel

The cherubs are figures of chubby angels, which spread a cheerful mood as decorations for trees, figures of carved cherubs and in paintings. Did you know that in antiquity there were representations of cherubs? Read here what distinguishes cherubs and angels.

The Easter nativity: history and meaning

Cribs are not available only during the Christmas period. Have you ever heard of Easter cribs? In our article we explain why a carved nativity scene could help you understand the biblical history of Easter and where you can admire the nativity scenes.

The mining nativity scene

The miner's crib was a joint project between various artists from Annaberg-Buchholz that has existed since 2000. The magnificent crib tells the story of Annaberg's Christmas. Here you can find out everything about this extraordinary project.

Nativity scene exhibitions in South Tyrol

If you are spending your vacations in South Tyrol during the Advent period, you should definitely visit a crib exhibition. Read in our article where you can admire the most beautiful cribs in the region, when the exhibitions take place and where visitors can expect extraordinary things!

Larch wood

The larch belongs to the pine family and its wood has some peculiarities that make it interesting for processing. In our article you will learn interesting facts about the larch, its presence and resistant wood that can be used without chemical protection./p>

Wooden Toys: A classic for the children's room

Always more families ban plastic from their children's rooms and let children play with toys made of natural materials. In our article you will find out what is important when you buy wooden toys and why they inspire the imagination of children.

The most beloved Christmas nativity sets

A carved crib is always something special. But which crib is the best for you? Here you can find out which features distinguish the most famous cribs, which are the cribs suitable for families and which characters should not be missing.

Materials for nativity figures

Although the traditional Christmas cribs are carved in wood, now there is a wide selection of figures for the crib made of various materials. Here you will find an overview of the different types and learn interesting facts about their advantages and disadvantages.

How to properly place the nativity figures?

A hand carved nativity scene reveals all its beauty only when placed in the right spot. In our article we describe the best order to set up the statues of the crib and how their ensemble can create a special atmosphere.

Meaning of the single nativity figures

The cribs tell the wonderful story of Christmas - and each of the sculpted figures represents one of the protagonists of this story. In this article, which is worth reading, you can find out which crib figurines should not be missing under any circumstances and what their respective meanings are.

Tips of wooden gifts for Christmas

Sustainability is in line with the trend. That's why wooden Christmas gifts are becoming increasingly popular. In this article we show you the most beautiful gift ideas made of this natural material. Why not give something sculpted that brings joy even after the vacations?

Elm wood

The elms are very special trees, but unfortunately in this country there are only young ones. In this article you will learn about the properties of perhaps the most beautiful wood species, what elm wood can be used for and how to take care of this precious wood.

The Three Wise Kings: origin, meaning and traditions

Those who study the history of the Three Kings will soon realize that these are mainly religious myths, sagas and legends handed down. Who were these wise men of the Orient and what were the customs around the Feast of Epiphany or the Feast of the Three Kings?

Tips: whittling for kids

The carving is an art that children can learn right away. The most important requirements are good tools and binding safety rules. Whether as a family activity or as a classroom project - here you can find out what you should know about carving with children.

Oak wood

Oak wood considered a kind of high quality wood for many reasons! In good condition, it is still very well preserved even after centuries and is particularly appreciated for use in interiors. In our article we present oak and its popular wood in more detail.

Making a wooden figure

In this article you will learn how a wooden statue is made: from idea to planning and coloring. An interesting look at the wonderful craftsmanship and our versatile work!

History of the nativity scene

Since when are there cribs? In this article we will show you that hand cut nativity scenes have a tradition dating back several centuries. Find out everything you need to know about the history of one of the most important parts of the Advent season!

Maple wood

The maple leaf adorns the national flag of Canada. In this country, extremely hard maple wood enjoys great popularity. The wood is considered one of the finest noble hardwoods. You can read more about the particularities and appearance of maple in this article.

Lime wood

Lime wood is particularly appreciated by woodcarvers, compared to other qualities: it is very easy to cut, plan and bend. But this is by no means all that distinguishes lime woods. In our article you can find out everything worth knowing about the lime tree and its wood.

Swiss stone pine wood

The Swiss stone pine is the tree from which the wood called pine. Only experienced woodcarvers can work this wood by hand to create beautiful figures. Especially in the Alps the use of Swiss pine wood has a long tradition. We reveal the motif.

Which wood is most suitable for wood carving

Do you want to start carving but don't know which wood to use for your first project? In our article we have collected the most important tips for different types of wood so that you can start your new hobby with pleasure!

Learn how to carve: how to avoid mistakes

There is always a reason to start carving. In our article you will learn which mistakes you should absolutely avoid as a beginner and which carving projects are suitable even for untrained hands. Start and discover the joy of a new hobby!